Ohio’s 大学学分加 program can help you earn college 和 high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits 和 to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students.

Benefits of taking CCP courses for students 和ir families include:

  • Early exposure to college coursework, rigor 和 expectations
  • 在澳门赌博永利移动官网学习课程的同时,有机会在感兴趣的领域进行实验
  • 学分转移机会.

最棒的是? Taking a college course from a public college or university is 免费的. That means no cost for tuition, books or fees. 

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Contact the Hocking College CCP Office

Executive Director of Educational Pathways
电话: 740-753-6083
电子邮件: waltersk@霍金.edu


You've got questions 和 we've got answers! 探索下面的资源,帮助你对你的未来做出正确的决定.

  1. 2月15日前与家长或监护人一起参加有关CCP的高中信息之夜.
  2. 不迟于4月1日通知你的高中指导办公室参加. Students attending a private high school 和 homeschool students must 应用 to the 俄亥俄州教育局 to receive funding to underwrite their costs.
  3. 在申请截止日期前完成澳门赌博永利移动官网CCP申请. 一定要让你的指导办公室附上你最近的成绩单.
  4. 通过Accuplacer格式参加澳门赌博永利移动官网入学考试或提交行为/坐成绩. Achieve college-ready scores or meet conditional-score requirements.

Complete the Hocking College CCP Application 和 submit it to Hocking College before the application deadline. 确保你学校的指导办公室包括你最近的成绩单.

  • 夏季的截止日期是 4月15日.
  • 秋季的截止日期是 5月15日.
  • 春季的截止日期是 11月15日.

澳门赌博永利移动官网使用 下一代替代器 和 tests sentence skills, reading 和 math (Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra 和 Statistics). 点击这里查看r对Accuplacer的评论.

Students can take the Accuplacer one time a year at no charge. The Accuplacer is offered at Hocking College Monday through Friday, 除了节假日, 寒假和春假, 从8点开始.m. 直到下午4点.m. Students must arrive no later than 2:30 p.m. 以便有足够的时间进行测试. 

如果你有一个有效的IEP或504计划, please see the Hocking College CCP advisor before taking the Accuplacer.

如果你要 行为, please submit your scores to Hocking College using 澳门赌博永利移动官网的校号是3352.

如果你要 , please submit your scores to Hocking College using 澳门赌博永利移动官网的校号是1822.

Take a few moments to view these webinars from the 俄亥俄州高等教育局 for more information on important topics for the school year.

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Portrait of a smiling female teacher in the class room


You've got questions 和 we've got answers! Explore our resources below to learn how you can teach 和 offer CCP courses at your high school or career center.

High school instructors of college credit courses must meet the requirements for faculty teaching in institutions of higher education, 由高等教育委员会和俄亥俄州高等教育委员会认证.

Faculty teaching general education courses or other non-occupational courses must hold a master's degree or higher in the discipline or subfield.

If a faculty member holds a master's degree or higher in a discipline or subfield other than that in which he or she is teaching, the faculty member should have completed a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline or subfield in which they teach.


Instructors who teach a 大学学分加 course in a high school will receive periodic professional development. All credentialed high school faculty will be considered non-paid, 澳门赌博永利移动官网的兼职讲师. This distinction may be used as part of a professional résumé 和 may give instructors the opportunity to teach courses for Hocking College on-campus 和 online in addition to their courses at the high schools.

有兴趣申请教授大学学分加课程的教师应该联系凯蒂·沃尔特斯, at waltersk@霍金.edu or 740-753-6083.

  • Early exposure to college coursework, rigor, 和 expectations.
  • A cost-effective way to earn college credit early.
  • 在澳门赌博永利移动官网学习课程的同时,有机会在感兴趣的领域进行实验.
  • 学分转移机会.

Hocking College has partnered with our local high schools to design several unique 职业生涯 Pathways for students who want to continue their degree at Hocking College for one of the college’s designated majors. Pathways include both general education 和 technical coursework.

To learn more about these pathways, 请与凯蒂·沃尔特斯联系 waltersk@霍金.edu.


You've got questions 和 we've got answers! Explore our resources below to learn how CCP can benefit your child.

The CCP program allows students to meet high school graduation requirements while at the same time earning college credit.

The program is a cost-effective way to earn college credit early, 赶快开始攻读学位吧, 和 because classes are 免费的 for most students, you'll decrease the overall cost of a college degree.

Research shows that high school graduates who enter college with existing college credits are more likely to succeed in college.

As you talk with your student about taking CCP classes, 确保你们讨论了在大学取得成功所需要的奉献和承诺的程度, including the difference between high school 和 college expectations, 速度, rigor 和 required hours of study outside of the classroom.

CCP成绩是他们高中和大学成绩单上的永久成绩, 不及格的成绩会影响你的学生未来获得奖学金或经济援助的机会.

CCP courses are not edited in any way for underage participants. Controversial 和 adult topics can be expected. Students 和 parents should expect coursework 和 discussion that engages 和 challenges students on topics that likely would not be broached in traditional secondary schools.

根据美国.S. 教育部的家庭教育权利和隐私法案(FERPA), all students enrolled in a college or university, 不论年龄大小, have the right to keep their information private. The college is prohibited from releasing information to anyone other than the student without written authorization that must be kept on file with the Hocking College 注册处.


澳门赌博永利移动官网可以与你的学生所在的高中共享学生信息. 如果学生未满18岁, 家长有权查阅学校持有的任何信息, 包括从澳门赌博永利移动官网转移到高中的所有信息.

All employees of the college, including instructors, are bound by FERPA. 家长不能与大学教师讨论学术问题. Students must talk to their instructors themselves. 如果家长认为他们的学生正在经历任何形式的学业困扰, 他们应该鼓励学生联系他们的导师或CCP顾问.

当你的学生接受作为一个大学生的权利和责任, 你的父母角色也会改变. As the parent of an underage CCP student, 你可能真心希望继续为你的学生辩护. 赌博澳门网站移动官网恭敬地与学生和高中指导顾问分享赌博澳门网站移动官网的工作. You can support your child by helping them navigate the college system, 但不能像你在初中或高中那样承担他们的责任.


是的. 然而, you must fill out a form from the 俄亥俄州教育局.

非公立学校的形式是 在这里.

家庭学校的形式是 在这里.

Grades received through CCP are reflected on high school 和 college transcripts 和 will affect GPAs on both. 低分数可能会对未来的大学录取和经济援助机会产生负面影响.

Students who fail courses may be required by their school district to reimburse the cost of tuition 和 books.

虽然特定的课程保证转移到其他俄亥俄州的公共机构, they may not be accepted at private 和 out-of-state institutions.

Financial aid eligibility as a degree-seeking student is based on degree completion within a specific time period. 通过CCP项目获得的课程学分将在确定资格时计算在内.

Berne Union High School, Sugar Grove, Ohio

"CCP has helped me tremendously improve my grades 和 take college courses to save time when I actually go to college. 我上的每一堂课, 我以优异成绩通过了考试, 每个老师在沟通方面都做得很好,确保我有通过考试所需的资源."

New Lexington High School, New Lexington, Ohio
"The online course I took has allowed me to become confident in my ability to navigate technology while taking college courses, 如果我上大学的时候很多课程仍然是在线的,这将是非常有益的. I am also grateful for the ability to take classes online so that I can gain as much college preparation as possible, even if it does not fit in my schedule during my school day."
Nelsonville-York High School, Nelsonville, Ohio
"I take CCP courses fully online because it is the best option for me. 我可以按照自己的节奏完成课程,以平衡高中课程和体育运动. 课程只有八周也很有帮助,因为我可以在更短的时间内完成更多的课程. 起初, 我担心如何与老师沟通,但我发现他们总是有效地回应. I definitely recommend the 大学学分加 program!"

You can find additional information online through the 俄亥俄州教育局  俄亥俄州高等教育局.

Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, CCP replaces Ohio's Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) 和 all alternative dual enrollment programs previously governed by Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3365. 政府. John Kaisch signed HB 487 into law on June 16, 2014.

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你高中毕业了. 现在? 成为一只鹰! Finish the degree you started in our CCP program. 要开始,请在网上申请 应用.霍金.edu.

To schedule a visit to campus, please contact our Admissions team at admissions@霍金.edu.



If you are a current CCP student looking to share your transcript with another participating CCP college or university, 请与凯蒂·沃尔特斯联系 waltersk@霍金.edu.

If you are a past CCP student or a senior in CCP looking for an official transcript please follow these steps:

官方的CCP成绩单可以下载请求在线通过 全国学生信息交流中心.


T在这里 is a $5 fee for each transcript 和 an additional $2.每个目的地50美元. A valid credit card 和 email address are required to order online.

请考虑到 three (3) business days to process all transcript requests. Once shipped, transcript orders can be 在这里跟踪. Transcript requests will not be processed during campus closure. 

For additional information, please visit 万维网.霍金.edu/transcript-request.





Any student in grades 7-12 in the state of Ohio can 应用. 学生必须得3分.0 GPA或更高或符合Accuplacer, 坐和/或行为考试成绩. 

CCP courses are paid for by the high school 和 college. 只有当你超过了规定的时间或一门课程不及格时,费用才会增加.

俄亥俄州公立学校的学生每学年被分配30个学分. This includes their high school credits. 私立学校 家庭教育的 学生需要通过国家申请资助,然后获得学年的学分.

是的. 合格的CPP学生既可以在网上学习课程,也可以在澳门赌博永利移动官网校园学习课程.

绝对! You can take CCP classes on your high school campus while also taking classes at other colleges or universities or online.

是的. 如果在澳门赌博永利移动官网学习在线课程或校内课程,每个学生都将与一位指导老师见面. 还将为在高中校园上课的学生提供咨询. 

是的. 赌博澳门网站移动官网的许多通识教育课程都能满足高中的要求. 赌博澳门网站移动官网将与学生和他们的指导顾问合作,以确保满足所有要求.

Classes failed or withdrawn with an “F” (or an equivalent failing grade) will receive an “F” on the high school 和 college transcripts 和 will be computed into the high school 和 college GPA.

如果你的成绩不及格, 你的学区可能, 在某些情况下, seek reimbursement from you for the amount of state funds paid to the college on your behalf for that college course.

The school district may withhold grades 和 credits received for high school courses taken until reimbursement has been made.


中学(高中/地区)学校负责提供课程材料(“教科书”)。. The postsecondary institution is responsible for providing all supplemental supplies required by the course syllabus ("fees"). Under no circumstances are public or nonpublic/chartered school CCP students required to pay for college course instructional tools or supplies. 然而, homeschool 和 nonpublic/nonchartered students are responsible for providing their own coursework materials ("textbooks") but not the course-required supplies.

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通过教育开始你人生的下一个阶段似乎令人望而生畏. That's why we're 在这里 to help every step of the way.